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Punished Venom Snake by darksaviourDXP
Punished Venom Snake
Decided to take a small break from 3D modeling stuff and continue practicing my 2D art. So after playing Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, I decided to take a stab at the main Protagonist Punished Venom Snake. Although I haven't completed the actual game yet I am aware of the ending, but for those who are still playing it I won't be spoiling it for you.

Anyway this took me the best part of a couple of days work(several hours here and there) in Photoshop CS3, all of it was drawn using my wacom tablet, no way in hell would I have managed to do all this with a mouse.  
Tekken Evil 2 by darksaviourDXP
Tekken Evil 2
What would happen if the cast of Tekken 2 was to enter Raccoon City? Well find out, I have ported several of the cast Jack-2,Yoshimitsu, Armor King and Michelle for now anyway. All of them can use the weapons from within RE2 and come complete with new avatars within the inventory.

They can be downloaded here Info is also provided on how to install them on the pages that follow that:…
Resident Evil/Biohazard 1.5 Era 1 Lobby Version 2 by darksaviourDXP
Resident Evil/Biohazard 1.5 Era 1 Lobby Version 2
I already did a older version of this room some time needed a much needed upgrade and this is the result. The room is already playable inside 1.5 thanks to my friend Martin Biohazard, so the footage you will see in the link is from within the actual engine.

Link is here:…

It should be available in the next patch (here's hoping anyway.)
Biohazard 2 Custom Rooms by darksaviourDXP
Biohazard 2 Custom Rooms
For those who follow Biohazard games in general should know what these are from. For those who don't, these are the custom rooms I made for my friend Martin for his 1.5 project.

You can see them in action in these videos:

Archive Room -…
Conference Room -…
2F Elevator Hallway -…
Radio Room -…
Medical Room -…
2F Hallway -…

These rooms can be played around in by using the following patch:…

I worked on these rooms for a week and a half producing I think it was 7-8 brand new custom rooms in the process. If your wondering about the quality of some renders, I rendered some quick ones for boundary testing the final ones(which are of much better quality) I provided to Martin.

Now the Credits:

*Capcom - For giving us Resident Evil
*The re123 community for keeping the classic games alive
*Martin for continuing with his project and porting all the re2 final data I gave him to 1.5.
*Mortician for his amazing plugin tool for Maya without that none of this would have been possible.
*Leo2236 for his RE2BM tool for quickly inserting and updating Renders as I worked on them.
Lightning ff7 Style  V1 by darksaviourDXP
Lightning ff7 Style V1
Actually was working on this thing a while back, only finally got round to getting it finished. Idea I had a while back is what would Light look like if she was in FF7 back in the day and this is my result. The mesh was heavily built based on the actual ff7 mesh data that I studied before I modeled this from scratch, and keeping within the parameters of materials used(they never actually used UV maps for the bodies only the eyes.) I'm giving this a v1 since I really need to re-work this slightly at some point.
Last blog post of journal update was last December...yeah a long time indeed, Time to remedy that xD

I've been busy, very busy with lots of stuff. Had a lot of bad things happen too....firstly Resident Evil: Distant Memories which was the original Resident Evil mod I was working on with the other members of Team 96 sadly got cancelled. There are millions of reasons as to why however as luck would have it another team has now picked up the mod and is continuing the work so that project is safe as far as I'm concerned.

As of now...I'm waiting for my copy of the Evil Within to arrive in the post and also still pondering why in hell's bells Square Enix had the nerve to port Final Fantasy 13 on PC that takes up 49gb on the HDD because the rest of the world has both English and JPN dubbings and that's all nice and all but I personally don't give a damn about what language I play a game in I just want to play it not have to wait hours upon hours to download the bloody thing. And the joke at the end of it is you can delete the language you don't want and the game continues to work without a single problem....could it have hurt them to make the other language optional? -_- anyway minus that I am once again trying to play this game whether at the end of it I will enjoy it or hate it will be known when I get there.

Anyway i'll try and see what I can show next since it has been a while this page is dusty as hell and it needs new pretty things adding to it.

So until then laterzzzz
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Not much I can say about myself being honest. I am a Games Designer who loves modeling 3D art its a hell of a lot better than looking at static 2D drawings mainly because I can't really draw >.<. I prefer Low poly to High kinda how I like Old School games to these New school ones we put up with everyday now.

I'm a massive fan of anything Robotic based heavily on my love for transformers, i'm also a fan of manga and anime despite what people say, and i'm also a massive fan of the horror genre whether that be movies or games.

I do have a few projects of my own i'm working on stuff I haven't shown yet since i'm still working on them, I'm also a 3d artist in a small indie games company working on Surreal System our first game.

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No sadly, I've had some bad experiences in the past happen when I gave people I trusted some of my 3d models(I won't go into what happened) and as a result I made the decision to never give out any of my meshes every again sorry for the inconvenience =/
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